Sodium Ion Batteries

Sodium has still too much supply, so it would be awesome to add alternatives for CBL CBM CBS to take sodium instead of lithium. Of course it can be much worse than LI but profitability should switch to Sodium if it’s at bottom prices and LI price is high.


Real Life now has Sodium Ion Batteries, but PrUn still doesn’t!

As to not to disrupt the current market, the LI-NA equilibrium should be set to the current one. LI is 40 times more valuable than NA, so the recipes should be:

240 NA + 6 BE + 20 BCO + 60 PG → CBS
320 NA + 8 BE + 40 BGC + 120 PG → CBM
480 NA + 12 BE + 60 HCC + 150 PG → CBL

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I don’t think it would be balanced if that recipe is created based on current market prices, because NA is cheap only because it’s a byproduct of CL and CL is the desirable part while NA isn’t.

From that we can value 1 CL = 3 HAL + 1 H2O right now. To make CL and NA balanced, I would expect their value to be roughly equal, which means

1 CL + 2 NA = 3 HAL + 1 H2O

2 NA is then 50% of the inputs

2 NA = 1.5 HAL + 0.5 H2O
1 NA = 0.75 HAL + 0.25 H2O

LI is
4 LI = 4 HAL + 10 LIO

12 LI = 12 HAL + 30 LIO
16 NA = 12 HAL + 4 H2O

H2O is much easier to get than LIO, but NA requires a CHP which needs settlers compared to LI needing only pioneers and LI is produced almost twice as fast, so all of these factors might even out. I would say that the ratio of 16 NA = 12 LI to be fairly good from a value point of view, so these recipes should reflect that and the CBS recipe would use 8 NA instead of 6 LI.

240 NA is insane considering NA weights 0.97t while LI weights 0.55t. Moving all that NA around would adds a lot to the cost and that would require a very high LI price make it worth it. Although having 8 NA might throw off the GL market, so that probably needs a complete overhaul of the entire production chain if we want to make NA somewhat as useful as CL and not just a waste byproduct.

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