Shipyards & Fuel

I’m very soon about to upgrade my ships cargo bays to double the capacity, and obviously I will need to take enough fuel onboard for the return trip from the shipyard; what I’m wondering is, should I store that fuel in the cargo bay, fuel tanks, or rent warehouse space? Since the cargo bay is what I’m upgrading, will any fuel I leave in there be transferred to the new cargo bay?

And! What happens if someone sends both ships to a shipyard, and forgets or gets caught short on fuel, can anyone help them, or is it game over? COLIQ.

Ship’s inventories as well as fuel tanks have to be empty in order to upgrade.

There is no in-game mechanism to rescue a stranded ship. In that case please contact someone from the team, we can help :slight_smile:


I’m a living testament to that! Happened to my way back in…alpha 2 I think it was. Not sure, but I believe I was the first fool who stranded a ship in space!