SF(STL fuel) MM

As many people know, I’m a fan of Market Makers, however I feel that the SF MM spread is too low, and is hindering trade and production of SF.

The spread for SF between MM buy and sell is 10 points, and the acceptable profit for transporting SF is about a four point difference, which leaves little room for faction-to-faction trade.

As new players now start out with a generous amount of SF fuel I propose the SF MM be eliminated entirely or set to 50/SF, to allow a greater range of trading and production and make the extremely risky fuel engineer profession more rewarding.

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Perhaps the way to compare tradability is margin per haul. As prefabs and basic commodities have a ceiling and floor in price, there is a maximum margin one haul can make. For example RAT would be 2380x51=$121380, DW $5000x44=220000. SF is 8333x10=83330. Thus at the absolute max, SF is only two thirds the viability of RAT for trade (and prefabs are obviously much higher). OTOH, if the top end for SF get move up to 20, we would see the same haul margin that RAT has (and a higher price to induce trade/manufacturing).