Restrictions on Free Players?

What will the restrictions be on free players once the game shifts to subscription-based play? I’m still not entirely sure what all the restrictions for free players are right now but is it just going to be something along the lines of higher-tier markets that offer better rates or will you be deprived of something basic like the local market or player to player trade without paying? Really just more hoping it’s exclusive markets that are different than the current ingame ones as that seems fairer to free players, or maybe a banking system that would allow for loans or incentive programs that only a paid player can access.


Have a look at the handbook, it lists the differences between a TRIAL and PRO license. This will not change once we are in EA.


Whilst I understand the need for feature limitations on TRIAL accounts, I feel that the complete restriction of LM interaction places TRIAL users at a significant disadvantage when I consider the stated changes to CXs.

Currently, TRIAL users can avoid the largest impact of LM restrictions by basing their companies around CX locations. In the new galaxy - where CXs are not terrestrial - TRIAL users are significantly disadvantaged from the beginning. This situation lends itself to an interpretation of being “pay-to-win”. I also understand that this restriction is in place in order to mitigate COLIQ abuse and multi-accounting.

I feel that a better remedy should be sought. Perhaps a solution could entail the introduction of a “T” rating and limitations on the number of contracts that a “T”-rated user could accept. “T” would be the highest rating that a TRIAL user can achieve. Perhaps “T”-rated users would be unable to create/place ads on the LM. Some controls for COLIQ abuse and multi-accounting could be in the form of notifications to admins/moderators when a TRIAL user trades certain materials on the LM or when the value of a trade is significantly deviant to average CX prices.

Perusing the other restrictions, I feel that having both ships-in-flight and shipyard limitations is superfluous. I understand that having both may meet a use case where a PRO user has lapsed to a TRIAL. I feel that the limitation on ships-in-flight is appropriate. However, completely removing the shipyard from use, again, removes the user from a significant portion of the game.

In both restrictions I have written about, TRIAL users are removed from a significant portion of the game. Whilst this is, in general, appropriate for MMO games, in PrUn, these players are also removed from a significant portion of the economy. Any ability that increases the value of the economy in PrUn also increases the value of the PRO subscription.

I feel that removing a potentially significant portion of the population from large portions of the economy reduces the perceived value of a PRO subscription. In a game that is built entirely around a player-driven economy, I feel we should be doing as much as possible to increase the value of that economy.


Thanks for your feedback! There is one thing we haven’t mentioned yet and maybe now is the right time to talk about it.

With EA there will be a third license type called BASIC and users will receive it if they unsubscribe from PRO, e.g. they will not fall back to TRIAL. There are not many differences between TRIAL and BASIC, but a few of them are noteworthy:

  • BASIC users will be able to accept LM ads, but not post
  • BASIC users will have a rating
  • Once a user becomes a BASIC licencee, running recurring production orders will become non-recurring production orders

Will basic users still be limited to two active flights?

That does assuage some of my fears, as I enjoy the game despite only having played for a short time but was worried I would lose access to key features come EA as I may not be able to afford a monthly subscription. Also, does that also mean that a pro license during first access will only downgrade to a basic or will it go back to trial until a EA subscription is purchased first?

I agree with your points entirely, it would heavily impact the core element of the game for those either unable to afford a subscription or who may not play enough to merit one, or who just don’t want one

Yes, two flights is the limit.

Flight limit? I havent seen that mentioned anywhere, maybe i missed it?

A free-to-play player can only have 2 ships in flight at once. This has never been a problem because only the richest have more than 2 ships, and they’re all pro users.