Request: Increase max production tax rate on Faction Planets

This requested change is based on a couple of premises:

  • Of the currently available taxes, Production tax is the fairest way to fund Populous infrastructure upkeep
  • Current development team focus is rightly on Ship Building, thus an extensive tax overhaul is not viable at the current time

I would like to request the max production tax rate be increased from 30 to 100 on exchange planets, with corresponding proportional increases on the other faction planets.

Current tax limits are proving inadequate to fully fund Populous infrastructure. Maxing out LM rates to fund Populous would be crippling to small transactions, which are critical to healthy planets. Additionally, the production tax is based on the activity of the workforce at the base is best matched to the workforce needs for Populous.

I ultimately think taxation needs a major overhaul with several new categories of taxes introduced. But that would require a lot of work. I am hopeful that this proposed change would be a simple database table change to the table with the limits.

This post was created after an extensive discussion in Gibson planet chat regarding the impact of the current tax structure on that planet’s suitability for new players.


I agree 100% production taxes are the fairest way to help with WFU. But i don’t think it should be considered as a means to upgrade. Upgrading should be contributions from players with the means. I agree that the limit of 30 is NO where near enough to keep WFU. Right now I think People are trying to use LM fees as a way to help with the lack of support and it can slow things down. Trying a max of 100 I think is a good way to adjust for the lack of support. Right now on gibson we are in a heated battle of LM tax fees.

That was fast :slight_smile:

Thanks Dev team!!

We thought that is a good idea and production taxes can now be set between 10-90 (before: 10-30) for faction worlds and 5-120 (before: 5-40) for faction systems.