PrUn Secret Santa 2.0!

Hello everyone! The festive season is upon us again. Last year, @Pord and @EatTacos88 had the idea to do a PrUn Secret Santa, where players give each other a gift (semi)-anonymously. Anyone interested can sign up using the link below. Once all the names have been chosen, each player will be semi-randomly assigned someone they receive a gift from and someone they give a gift to. From there, they may reach out directly or place ads through a 3rd party, like me (WAR make this a lot easier!)

I say semi-randomly because, since the universe is younger and larger than the previous one, I have included a question about which areas you’re able to pick up/deliver to. Beyond ensuring each partner can pick up or deliver in their region, the process is completely random.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must have PRO or BASIC to exchange goods
  • Must register by 12/20


  • Names will be given out on 12/22. Please check your in-game chats or Discord.
  • Your gift can be of any amount. From 1 C in their stocking up to anything you can deliver. It’s completely random, so you may not receive as much as you gave, but you may also receive more than you gave.
  • Gifts must be exchanged on a planet with a WAR in one of the regions you both designated on the sheet.
  • If your gift is more than 500t/m^3, please arrange it somewhere where the other party has room. The gift giver is responsible for dealing with the logistics.

Registration Link:

The more people that sign up, the more fun this will be! Happy Holidays!