Production Time Shift

Yesterday, Saturday Oct 24th, I noticed that the production times for longer production runs had lost one hour. What started with longer, multiple batch production runs progressed, as the day went on, to
shorter production runs, until it affected even single batch runs.

Time for one batch of Rations(RAT) = 5h50m
Time for two batches of Rations(RAT2) = 11h41m
Time for three batches of Rations(RAT3) = 17h31m
At the beginning of the day, starting with RAT3, each production run lost an hour as the day progressed.

Today, everything has gone back to normal.

All I can think of is that at 02:00 on today, Sunday Oct 25th, here, in the UK, our clocks were adjusted backwards by one hour to get us back to GMT from BST.

However, I do not understand why this should have had any effect on the quoted production run times; they should take a long as they take, regardless of any external movement of the hands of a clock.

Very strange???

There are known effects where the times shown are off when the PC time is not correct, so your hypothesis that the time change affected the appearance of the production time seems likely to me.

Do you know if the production was actually done faster/slower than expected, or if it just looked like it on the client side?

It was faster than expected. The time given when I planned the production was one hour shorter than I expected.

Production time have now reverted to what I would normally expect. So, I think it was something to do with the Time change from BST to GMT. It is not a problem, just a curiosity.