Production queue scrolling bug

In the production queue, it seems that the inner element that contains the in-queue orders scroll separately from the element that contains the building name and “New Order” and “Details” buttons.

The more types of buildings you build, the worse this issue gets. It isn’t noticeable if the entire list fits horizontally in the tile, but eventually that becomes impractical. If the tile is smaller than the row of buildings, then the element containing the queues is limited to the size of the tile (so when the outer element scrolls, a blank part at the right is visible). The outer element is however long it needs to be. Scrolling one does not scroll the other.

To reproduce: Build enough different types of buildings so that their list is long enough to not fit into the tile containing the buffer.

Browser: Firefox 83.0, both Windows and Mac.

This happens to everyone, it is possible to deal with this issue by decreasing the zoom on your screen, or by using a larger monitor.

Also, one can see all the queues by scrolling the inside bar, though the buttons do not scroll with it. When scrolling the outside bar the queues are cut off to the size of the tile, as shown in the screenshot.

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