Production fees are a little weird

Production fees are a bit weird for two reasons:

  1. What is the analog in “real life”? Usually there are land taxes, sales (and transfer) taxes, and payroll taxes. The government doesn’t get involved in what happens in your own inventory…
    If a bread factory feeds its workers with its produce, what does that have to do with government?

  2. More importantly, it adds another level of planning. which is “OK” in theory because it is a strategy game, but at some point you have to realize that the point of the game is FUN. Having to cater for a variable tax every moment sucks the fun out of it. It would be much better to tax at the time of sale.

Just mho.
I can write more but I want to keep this post short.


Hey! Thanks a lot for your feedback. :slightly_smiling_face:

I get where you’re coming from with your first point, as a fee on the production itself is unusual compared to the examples for taxes you listed. I’m pretty sure the taxing system will become more sophisticated in the future, probably already with the upcoming Expanse update.

As for your second point, I can’t say that I agree. The fun of the game, to many people, is doing the math, and fees add another variable to the equation if you will. I would agree if the tax were unpredictable, thus making calculations impossible, but it does scale linearly with the order size.

ok I really appreciate the reply!

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