Possible consumables bug

My workers seem to be consuming double DW and RAT.

For DW, the POP buffer says I need 10/day for my pioneers and 3/day for my settlers. I’m seeing 13 deducted twice per day, rather than once per day. Similarly for RAT, except slightly different numbers.

It’s a little hard to be sure because consumption isn’t logged anywhere and trades aren’t logged in a way that’s easy to track (I delete filled exchange orders because CXOS gets cluttered otherwise). But I’m fairly certain I saw a day’s worth of DW/RAT get consumed this morning, then bought more to have 2 days’ stockpile, and now I’m down to 1 day saved again already.

In global chat someone said that different parts of the population can consume at different times, in which case I might see something like 10 DW consumed at one point in the day, and another 3 later. But every time any is consumed, it’s the full 13.

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Thanks for reporting the issue!

IIRC, when this kind of thing happened in the past, it has always been human error. That doesn’t mean it can’t be a bug, though. All I can do is check if maybe the displayed upkeep values are incorrect, which they aren’t. Meaning if your population consumed what the POP window says they do, it’s the right amount. However, I can’t check how much is in fact being used up.

Could you please keep a close eye on it over the next few days to make sure something is going wrong?

And @molp, can you see PetWolverine’s consumption in the back end?