Planetary Mint PPS Proposal

Governors who established the Planetary Mint gain access to customized MM-style market orders for the purpose of injecting currency into the market while balancing inputs for the mint. The purpose of this building would be to allow players to control safety-nets for various products and give flexibility to the currency generation of the game.

The Planetary Mint should consume t1 products. Specifically, the mint is ‘employed’ by workers who consume RAT, DW, and other PIO luxuries (if enabled by the governor for further production speed).
The mint also consumes other goods such as BFABs, fuel, and raw materials in varying quantities. The mint processes these goods to output currency dependent on the faction of the planet. The reason for multiple input choices is to allow for governors to adjust their buy orders to feed these inputs.

Let’s say Moria knows they have an excess of one good but and less of another, the governor could reduce the government buys for the overproduced good to encourage players to not produce, and increase the government buy for the underproduced good.

Currency of the planet’s faction. Unaligned planets get to choose their relevant currency generated. Amount of currency generated is dependent on the governor’s choices of which products to consume on the market, what efficiencies are in place, and personal whims.

Ultimately, this idea is reskinned and customizable Market Makers. I know the team is working on mints and other ideas for currency generation outside of the MM-concept (as it seems most don’t like it). However I don’t know how easy it would be to break away from the design of the MM - this proposal provides the flexibility of player driven economies, while keeping the structure of the current systems.

This is a planetary project, but current MMs are CX-based… what gives?
Ultimatey this is a design decision which I can’t really comment on, as we don’t have any means for players to influence off-planet infrastructure at the moment. I think it would be great if the governors on settled planets inside a region supported by a cx could collectively vote on the direction of the “market makers” similar to how CoGC voting works but purely Government-focused.

A suggestion for the above. Rather than having this be another thing the governor can control, create a new political role, called “Chancellor of the Mint” or similar, who gets to set MM policy. If in fact this mechanism will replace the MMs completely, then just make “Market Maker” the electable position.

Either way, the point that every election cycle there are then two positions being contested - Governor, plus Chancellor or Market Maker. This means twice as many people can be in office at the same time, twice the campaigning, and twice the voting fun.

Thinking about this a bit further, I realised that OP’s proposal to have the “Planetary Mint” consume tier 1 products almost exists already. The CoGC for example needs DW/RAT/PE/MCG every week. The only difference is that the governor buys them with tax money taken from players, rather than with currency generated out of thin air.

I expect the devs are way ahead of us on this one, but if I were going to implement something for OP’s proposal, I’d make it so that the governor had to buy consumables to maintain all planetary infrastructure buildings, and the amounts needed were proportional to the population of the planet. Then… [waves hands] … and they replace the Market Makers!

Yeah, I haven’t worked out exactly how that would function. But I’m more of an ideas man, the detail is left to other people. :yum:

Since this is planet infrastructure, I’d be inclined to suggest that it would be better as a building that simply injects currency directly into the government’s coffers. Preferably in pool specific to that government rather than being distributed to a corp. It’s then spent on other things, like government contracts or subsidies for certain production buildings (instead of a tax). Then the governor can incentivize production directly without having to consume that resource on a market maker.

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