New Faction Joining Descriptions

With new planets added it’s become apparent the current joining information could do with a spruce. Currently they perhaps push certain planets a bit more than others, and don’t give much hint as to what might be.
I’ve written one for each of the factions and am keen to hear people’s feedback :slight_smile:

Previous for reference

Antres Old: ‘The Antares Initiative has two colonies, one in each of the Antares I and II system. Their commodity exchange is located in Antares I.’

Castillo-Ito Mercantile Old: ‘Castillo-Ito Mercantile has four different colonies in close neighborhood and operates a commodity exchange near Katoa. Although some of the colonies are considered to be backwater planets by the other factions they have quite a few hidden champions.’

NEO Charter Old: ‘NEO Charter Exploration has two colonies in the Moria System with a commodity exchange in the same system. The system is known for its mineral rich planets.’

Insitor Cooperative old: ‘The Insitor Cooperative runs a commodity exchange nearby their only colony Promitor in the Hortus System. Promitor is a very fertile planet and has quickly become a center for food production and processing.’

So the challenge was to stick to the word/character limit, which was roughly under 40 words. Whilst also mentioning more planets and giving a hint as to what, whilst also trying to maintain the general ‘feel’ of the previous descriptions.
I don’t think these are perfect but I think they’re an improvement and can act as a bit of a stop-gap. I don’t think these necessarily need be permanent but hopefully will be better description for a few months.

Antares New: The Antares Initiative has two original colonies: Deimos, the Aluminium capital of the galaxy, and Phobos the manufacturing and electronics heart of the Initiative. They’ve recently begun to colonise Harmonia as their future breadbasket’

Castillo New 1: Castillo-Ito Mercantile has several more specialised colonies in its wider region often focusing on cooperation across planets. Umbra and Katoa, are known for their fuel and plastics. Proxion and Etherwind for their food, and Gibson for its construction

Neo New: ‘NEO Charter Exploration has two original colonies in its main system Moria: Montem, and Vallis. Notable other colonies include Prism and a far-flung new farming colony of Verdant. The faction is known for its mineral and construction wealth’

New Insitor: The Insitor Cooperative stems from its primary colony of Promitor, garden of the galaxy due to its fertility. Recently its begun to explore it’s more barren backyard with the colonies of Avalon, Nova Honshu, and further away Boucher.

Feel free to let me know what you think :smiley:


I like them a lot, thank you for sharing them!

I think there is a type in CI: the last Gibson can be removed!