New Categories and tags? Subforums?!

I have no idea how hard these are to add, but it looks like it would be relatively straightforward, but could we get some more categories and tags for the Forum? I think the forum is a surprisingly powerful tool as is and is vastly underutilised. Discord or gamechat aren’t the place for the best longer form discussions and suggestions and aren’t able to include every timezone in a discussion so I’d love to see the forum used more. I wonder if some more TLC could help?

Currently the categories are:

  • Uncategorized
  • Feedback
  • Politics
  • Off-topic
  • Space
  • Site Feedback

Looking at the numbers it says Feedback should be broken up into multiple categories. I’d suggest at least ‘Game Suggestion’ and ‘Game Discussion’. Perhaps ‘Bugs’ though there is a thread for that currently…
I wonder if Politics could be changed to Game Politics (make it a bit clearer). Along with Space changing to Space News. Site Feedback I’m not sure if it refers to Website or Forum feedback.
Though truthfully these are barely used, but perhaps they’d be used more with better signposting and general more?
As for new categories I wonder if something like ‘Roleplay’, ‘Resources’ or ‘Trade’ might be able to find a use in a reinvigorated forum?
Ideally the uncategorzied option wouldn’t be there and people would have to choose an appropriate category, but unsure if that’s an option.

As for tags, there’s quite a few that could be useful and help people filter through but for say ‘Game Suggestions’ particularly in mind it might be useful to have ‘New Mechanic’ ‘New Material’ ‘New Building’ ‘MM’ ‘Ships’ ‘Universe design’. Politics could do with some like ‘Governor Update’ ‘Political Platform’ ‘Discussion’.

I’m not sure if the categories are meant as a replacement of subforums, but all the categories might be better as actual subforums if that’s possible.

I’m also aware that a certain new moderator is a fan of the forums and might be interested and suitable to lead on improvements? @Prdgi


If @molp is keen, I’d be happy to do something like this.

I think we can make the forums a more attractive place to visit by implementing some of these changes.

Discourse does allow us to apply tags, but they may need to be configured on the mod/admin side.

Thanks for voluntolding me, @Bobemor

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Thanks for the suggestions! I am all for it :slight_smile:

Feedback definitely needs to be split into sub-categories. We do want to have a separate ‘Bugs’ category where every bug report is a topic of its own, effectively making it easier to talk about bugs. Right now it is really hard to ask questions about a particular bug in the ever growing bug topic :slight_smile:

Yes, that makes sense!

Not sure if we really need that category anymore. Maybe we could rename it into ‘offtopic’ and it would become a place for everything not related to the game?

I think that is a standard category that comes pre-installed. Could be removed!

I am not sure if we need these categories as we have had not much topics in these directions. Other opinions?



Was more meant as a recognition of your interests and influence :innocent:

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I realised that :wink: can’t pass up the opportunity to continue our banter either

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