Much needed Quality of Life improvements

  1. Please add an “unload all” button.
    Its a UX nightmare and just a waste of time to be forced to multiple times per day around 20 clicks just to unload and load your set of items into ship, warehouse or whatever.

  2. Allow packages for shipping. Just make it possible to create a bundle, which then can be put up as a shipping contract.

  3. Folders for your inventory! Like a folder for Consumables or Luxuries and so on… Sort it how you like.

  4. Fix Taxes! Terrible implementation. Make it adjustable, not just a flat production tax.

  5. FIX LM problems. Like when you switch from buying to selling that half of the values are kept and removed. Or that the money input accepts ßß intead of 00 and so on.

Further improvements are coming.


I would like this even when not shipping contracts. Like if I want to send my ship from CX → Planet 1 → Planet 2, I’d like to make it easy to separate out the consumables from Planet 1 and 2 ahead of time, and not discover when my ship arrives at planet 2 that I forgot to unload 60% of the DW at planet 1 or that I accidentally unloaded all the OVE there and now Planet 2 workers will go on strike.

Right now I mostly do CX → base → CX runs to avoid having to redo math on how to split the consumables among my ships.

Also want to add, stop loading the full CHAT history in COM when opening COM.

I can no longer open it on my phone, as the Performance hit is so high, it just crashes while trying to load.

Just preload the 10 last chats, and only load the others on request or on scroll effect. Whatever, its just a pain.


Another Remark, from a pure game design perspective.

Dont add more Features, fix the Features that are implemented or only 60% implemented.

There are soooo many open ends everywhere its killing the fun more and more with every week.

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Corlis, some of your feedback is good, but some of it is kind of vague. When you say things like “Fix taxes - make them adjustable”, or “Fix the features that are 60% implemented”, you’re not giving the devs enough detail to actually do anything. Adjustable how? Which features? The devs can’t read your mind.

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That is true, but there were already good ideas here in the forum.

Also the Devs once talked about improvements for that, so its just call to life up to that.

One quality of Life improvement I think would increase the benefits of Premium is making it so you can make local market offers that are peacemeal say I want to sell 100 BDE at my local market on my planet I should be able to just sell it locally and others can buy one or two pieces at a time instead of the entire bundle I put up this would make it so local area markets are more useful instead of just shipping contracts

That would make the LM more like the CX. The CXs were moved off planet for a reason, and we already get some free trial players complaining that LM access is “essential” and shouldn’t be a paid feature. So making the LM more like the CX is arguably not a beneficial change to the game, even if it would be more convenient for PRO players.