Lets Talk Planetary Projects we think would Rule

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First post. Woot.

Ok so we were all chatting in Global about kewl things and ideas, and i realized some of the things i was tossing out haven’t been talked about here in the forms (so far as i’ve read)

so here we go. If you have an idea about a kewl Planetary project you think would be kewl for the upcoming content that the Devs are programing in right now. Add it in below, and give a brief sprawl about how you envision it will work.

Here’s my Take on one.

so people were talking about the new stations that are coming, and im all like, hey to get your stuff into orbit for no fuel cost to reach those stations were gona need to make some Elevators or Space loops.

-Project: Space loop.
-Effect. Zero Fuel use to get items into orbit.
-Very Quick from surface to orbit.
-one way.

-Project: Space elevator
-Effect: Zero fuel for items into orbit/down to planet
-Takes some time to get up and down. (couple hours each way?)
-two way

There are my two, with all their shortcoming and probably with the Devs all over them long ago.

But hey, first post is first post.

What ya got ?


is it possible to build a CX?

Not yet, but it’s on the roadmap. Details have to be determined when the time comes of course! :slight_smile:

I have no idea about the product/game roadmap but…

Project: Planet Gateways/Wormholes
Purpose: Structures built on planet which instantly transport you to another system for a high fee(or building materials for planet development) and the proceeds go to the development of the original planet.

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I know space elevator has already been mentioned, but there is also the (similar) project of space tethers. ToughSF has written a great article about them and even helped in a recent Kurzgesagt video.

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Now that we have Soil goods, a planetary project that uses large amounts of water, nutrient solution, and soil (SOI) as regular upkeep that improves planet fertility would be nice.
In the interest of both reality and balance, this project should improve poor soils much more than already rich soils. IE: lower fertility planets should see a much larger increase in soil fertility.
Soil fertility could even be something like population that must be managed using this single building - basically diminished gains for the longer the upkeep is paid and then slowly decays back to the planet base fertility if upkeep is not paid. This would give the governor choices as to whether to run the program that period (7 days?) and justify whether the cost is worth it.
This project would only be buildable on planets that already have soil fertility

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