Join the alpha test, sign-up here!


Woohoo! I’d love to gain access to help with the closed Alpha.


Sorry for the late admission, @Dasyus. We’ve been a little understaffed this week. You’re good to go now!

@Rovsau, you were already granted access to the test a few months ago. I checked in the backend, and your access is still valid. If you’re having trouble getting into the game, shoot me a message. :slightly_smiling_face:


Haha, late? I asked to join during the weekend, I didn’t expect a response until at least Monday, if any. Thanks for the add.


i would like to join the alpha


I’d love to join! Thanks!


I would like to join! tnx…


I would really like to join this alpha, i think the general premise of the game is awesome!


I’d love to join the Alpha! Thanks for giving people the chance to try out the game! keep the work up!


I would like to join the Alpha.


I would like to join


I would like to join :slight_smile:


I feel like it may be a little on the late side, but I would like to join. Pretty active AS player, been excited for this game since it was announced.


As a player of airlinesim for years im excited to see martins latest project, can i join?


I’d like to join as well


I could like to join!


Can i Join the Alpha please?


Wow, the project looks cool. Can i join, pls?



I would also like to join your alpha testing, please?

Thanks in advance.


Could i please join the Alpha Testing?


Pls add me, realy REALLy wanna join!!