In-Corp Trading?

It would be nice if you could trade inside a corporation, like a Corp LM, without needing basic or pro. I know this topic has been brought up already, but I want to know if the devs are thinking of implementing something like this, because I’m a f2p player, and not having access to the lm means I can’t establish trade routes with Corp members. Is there a possibility of this coming in the future?


I think this would be a cool feature. My thought would be make this a corp project that could be built and not something that comes with the corp initially, as an earlier piece of infrastructure. Or it could be included as part of the HQ?

This would likely be something that would need to be built on each planet separately.

Yea, it would be like a point in space, so not on any planet, but it would still be priced like a planetary project, like needing a certain upkeep.

Yes! Definitely agree…something that would really add loads to the game

Being f2p, I don’t see the point of Corps as a trial user. I think a Corp LM or station would be a plus. I don’t know what benefit there is in joining a Corp other than a production bonus as a trial user.