Implementing a simple Text Editor

So, I was only starting with the game a few days ago, and altough I knew, what slow (but rewarding) earlygame would await me, i couldn’t come around to notice that one crucial “seemingly easy to implement” feature was missing.

A simple, plain Text Editor.

I know, things like this can be a huge strain on servers (to load everything) and a sometimes a pain in the butt to implement, but simple, easy tasks as “writing a to do list” required me to open a new google doc - or ask around and find out, that everyone just opens a new group chat with themselves in it.
But deleting and formatting there is a pain to.

All in all, as a new pair of eyes and an new perspective as a newby, THAT would be one feature, that imho would improve a LOT with (seemingly) little work to implement.

Thank you for listening <3


i´m a newb too and just found out there is no such thing as a “notes” tab or something like OP suggested…
for example i wanted to fly to the next commodity exchange and buy some stuff for my people to keep them happy… but in the time the ship gets there i may forget what i wanted (me being me you know ;D)
just wanted to add a tab in my trade window to remind me but there is no way afaik.

would appreciate an option to take notes ingame… otherwise its a very interesting game… the system how you organise windows just clicked and i love it ^^


It’s not in the base game, but you can install the extension I helped develop, Release v1.1.0 · PMMGBeautifier Extended (

You then type XIT SHEETS_your sheet id and you can edit the google sheet right in APEX in a buffer. There’s also a bunch of other features. For instance, the sheet:

Would be:
XIT SHEETS_1qU3WE2vUlIlADhmnQzh7vsxhfqQG-1pf4miNzjRMC0k


thanks! will check it out for sure!

if it works, im fine with it… althoug it would be nice to have something like this (even just a simple version) in the base game if i check the game when i´m not at home (definitely not at work, that would be ridiculous :slight_smile: )


Woah thats awesome! Thanks!!!