Idea: Sell cargo space

I made a small mistake today. I was in the train, on crappy train wifi, with 5 min left till my stop, and a message popped up in the discord: 92t Ant->Phobos. I happend to have 50t at the cx that I needed shipping to my base. So I thought I’ll accept that contract, load up my stuff and be done before I have to leave the train. And as everyone these days I pressed accept without reading, so now I am the one that has to transport 92t to Phobos. Fine, I’ll take that hit. After that first experience with shipping contracts I decided to look into it further. As it turned out, selling cargo space, wasn’t even possible.
With that we have arrived at the reason I am writing this. I think it would be a great addition to the game. It wont just let you fill up your half full ship, but also make a new profession, transporters, possible. Who could set up a network of cargo shuttles between stations.
So how does it work, well, I have an idea, but I started playing this game less than two weeks ago, so I am not that well versed in the mechanics. I did ask the person who’s stuff I now have to transport. His idea was this: sell it like a warehouse, and let the other person fill it and click “lock up”. I suppose a departure- and arrival time could be set. When departure deadline passed the transporter can fly his ship to its destination without breach of contract, if the cargo did not “lock up”. Arrival time is similar to delivery time except it is a date, as 1 ship could carry multiple transport orders, it would be confusing if they had different arrival times. Payment could be per volume or mass, perhaps whichever one is larger is used for the calculation. Or the “warehouse” if of a set size, and the buyer can fill it to his liking.
There are probably things I’m missing or that could be improved with this idea. But I think it has potential.

How about shipping containers? One of the problems with shipping contracts is that it is restricted to one type of good. If you could have shipping containers, you fill up your container with whatever you like, and ship that container. Of course, you would need a production chain to make the containers, sell them etc. They could also be of different sizes (eg. small @ 20t/m^3 medium @ 50t/m^3 large 100t/m^3)

It is a good idea and has crossed our minds many times :slight_smile: Eventually we want to have a structured shipping market similar to the commodity exchanges. A hauler could post available cargo space and fixed routes etc. We don’t think that the local markets are a good fit for such a market and thus we haven’t implemented it there.

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Thanks, I’ll look forward to it’s implementation and what you come up with.