Haiku contest

I have 200BSE for sale on Deimos
Price is 500AIC/u
20 unit max per person
And i will accept buy ads only from players less than 60 days in game

As well by buying BSE you can enter a contest for best haiku about molp and win 200k AIC
Please send me PM with haiku and post it on global chat or Discord

I will wait till Sunday morning

So far i have one haiku from RNGzero:

Perennial darkness,
An artisan click clacks far
beyond the market

And two other but from older players, so not in contest


developer molp
He sets the market maker
and makes us all sad


the almighty molp
crusher of bugs, do not fear
the prunguin sees all


Red and yellow lines
The server needs restarting
No more dreams for molp

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Destroyed Noobs have hope
for bases restored from high
before they COL-IQ (again)

Everything in space
Commodities we know by
Only three letters

Has Past in Finance
Now has fun with, coding games
For bored accountants

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My experience
Rig, Farmstead, Food Plant, and then
Send ship to station

Luscious, flowing hair
Indented by savage maw
Glowing countenance

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And the winner is: TheNegotiator
congratulation. i will contact you in game

Another contest coming soon


The contest winner
Is TheNegotiator
Long live the contest