Friends list

I’m starting to make friends in this game. Can we get a friends list feature?


Easiest way to do this atm would probably be to create a private group chat. Besides that, there’s no way I could think of. My question would be what added benefits would come with such a list compares to a chat room.

Try the CORP command in a new BFR.

@martin It would be useful to have a type of “Address Book / Contact List” or “Collection of Business Cards” where I could add a player, then add tags to them.

Eg, I could add jkomut to my list, and tag them with “Shipping”, “PG”, “Promitor”. From this list, I could sort/search by tag if I wanted to find specific players I had tagged as PG producers when I wanted to purchase a large volume of PG.

Clicking on the user could display their “Business Card” which would basically be a USR BFR but also showing tags which you have given them.

Ideally, it would provide a way to store some notes about the player.