Frequent Outages

I can’t seem to get logged into the game for large periods of time over the last 5 or so days. I know there was an outage over the weekend but it has persisted for me. I seem to do fine in the morning hours for me (I am in the US) but after lunch or so I’m lucky if I can get logged in the rest of the day.

I understand there’s been a big influx of players but it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage my company when I plan to change ships, set queues, connect with players for ads at my evening times and can’t even get into the game.

Hoping this can get sorted out as I really enjoy the game!

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Hey, thanks for the your report! Yes, there was an outage at the weekend, but it got sorted out and the servers are stable since then and have enough capacity to accommodate more players. This leaves the question why you cannot connect.

To figure it out we need more information! At which stage does the game not work for you? Do you get the loading screen where it loads the different subsystems? Or do you get reconnected frequently with no warning? Are you using a wifi network or a cable? Does this happen with the Steam or web version?

Most of the time I get to the loading screen and everything will turn orange except the contracts and that will flashing for awhile and then the whole thing will drop and repeat the process.

I have tried connecting on WiFi and with a cable connection and through steam or through browser with no discernible change to connection.

I try on mobile too and just get a loading screen before it drops and tries again.

I am finding more and more often I can not get the APEX to load, it always takes a try or 2, and then disconnects after a few minutes… This is becoming extremely frequent… Makes me forget what I was doing sometimes…