Feature Request: Calculator and Notepad

Feature request: A calculator and a private notes panel. It would be very useful if we could have an integrated calculator for doing some simple calculations and a notepad to take down notes as needed.

The notepad could be just something as simple as a single scrap sheet that the user would have to manage themselves, just straight up text that they would have to scroll around to get around. Or it can be complicated by allowing them to store multiple separate sheets, but that’s up to the devs for how they want to design it. Room for expansion later…

A calculator with the basic add, subtract, multiply, divide, and clear functions would be at the bare minimum, and a memory +,R,C function would be nice. They can use the aforementioned notepad to store their calculations.


Almost every operating system has an inbuilt calculator.

With regards to the notepad, create a new group chat in-game, but don’t invite anyone else to join it.

They’re both work-arounds, but they work - and relatively easily too.

While a calculator and note taking tools might be handy we don’t want to assign dev time to these at the moment. Every operating system has these tools and they will always be better and have more features than we can provide for a convenience feature in-game.

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I know there’s a built in calculator, but just the idea is to have it in Prosperous Universe as a panel, and that way it would still be visible, ready, and available for whenever the players need them. The problem with the calculator app is that it’s a separate window, so when you go into Prosperous Universe it would go behind or you have to look at a different location each time. This is just a request that sure there are workarounds, but this is to help enhance the product as a whole. The product being Prosperous Universe, of course. It’s just to add utility to the screen as a whole, especially when you’re doing lots of stuff. Sure you could also do all kinds of calculations with an excel spreadsheet, this is just a simple utility that would fit within a buffer or on a tile. Not a priority, just a request for the future.

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