Feature backlog


Welcome to the Feature backlog!

We appreciate your input about the game a lot and we do our best to keep track of and act upon your ideas, suggestions and criticism. This post is updated regularly to keep you up to date with the features we added to our backlog, many of which are based on your input. Please do not post or discuss features here, but rather in the other Topics in the Feedback category (which you are also permitted to create if you have something to say that doesn’t fit anywhere else). Also keep in mind that we have a backlog on our homepage that lists bigger upcoming features and their development status. Before suggesting a feature or change, please check if it’s already listed here or in the Feature Backlog.

-> Feature Backlog <-

The following list includes more, mostly smaller features as well as sub-features to things listed in the Backlog on our website.

Please note:

  1. that none of these ideas are guaranteed to make it into the game soon or at all,
  2. that there might be suggestions not here yet. We’ll go through both old and new topics to make sure we’re not missing anything,
  3. that the descriptions here are short to give you a general idea, we’re aware of the more detailed discussions in the other topics,
  4. the things listed here don’t pertain to balancing, i.e. changing numbers, but introducing new mechanics. Smaller changes concerning the UI and usability are also not listed here, only in our internal coding backlog.

Automated processes

Every feature allowing for automation (like in Space Engineers, Factorio, Anno etc.) somewhat goes against the game’s core design. However, we expect the manual workload to become fairly big once a company has grown to a certain point. That’s why we’ve come up with the idea of tying different kinds of automation (like self-renewing orders or self-renewing contracts) to different specialized buildings - which will be rather expensive, to account for the fact that they only become relevant when a company has gotten fairly big.

Self-renewing contracts

A particular automated process. Allowing individual players to make recurring private contracts obligating them to exchange agreed upon goods/currency every day, week or month.

Hauling contracts

Delivering other player’s goods without purchasing them might become a viable business model in the future.

Different qualities of commodities

The idea is to have several levels of quality for one and the same commodity. To produce certain outputs with a Production Line, you would need a high-quality input product. You can create high-quality versions of a commodity from larger amounts of low-quality versions of it. The quality level could be impacted by factors such as the planet and workforce. It would tie in neatly with the Expert system and the need for more specialization. Plus, quality of consumables, could impact worker effiency.

Scrap from demolished buildings

Tearing down a building should give a player back some of the resources that were needed to build it.

More planet types

Water planets, jungle planets, desert planets, radioactive planets - all with their own set of challenges.

Clothing & fabrics

A new supply chain all about space fashion!

Tradable experts

Selling and buying experts between players could become a whole market segment in and of itself.

Ship experts

It was suggested to add different kinds of ship experts to the game. Ideas include Navigators (increase speed), Engineer (improve fuel consumption), cargo managers (increase storage capacity).

Tradable game time

Since the Premium version of the game is likely to be subscription-based, the ability to trade game time as a commodity, as it exists in some other MMOs, is a possibility we’re considering.

Account resets

It is currently not possible for players or developers to reset individual accounts if someone made a fatal mistake or simply wants to start anew to try something different. This feature is very likely to be introduced in some form down the line, keeping in mind that it is prone to abuse and therefore needs to be designed with care.

Depreciation of buildings

Besides providing a sink for resources, this feature will balance the game in favor of beginners.

Flexible workforce

Only workers in currently active buildings count towards the efficiency rating. This way, there’d be a distinction between “total workers needed when all Production Lines are active” and “workers needed for currently active Production Lines”. As long as a base has enough workers to operate all active Production Lines, Efficiency is at 100 %, even when running all Production Lines would require more workers than are available in the base. This could also apply to several buildings within the same Production Line, e.g. if only one out of two Smelters is running, efficiency is at 100 % even though it would be below 100 % if both were running. Players could also be given the possiblity to allocate workforce, e.g. by sending a maximum amount of workers to one building to max out its productivity, while others are running at lowered productivity.

Delayed building construction

Erecting a structure takes time in reality and most strategy games. This could be the case in Prosperous Universe as well.

Planetary Infrastructure

Transportation between Plots as well as from the surface to orbit and vice versa using structures like highways and space elevators.


Space stations being a confirmed feature, moons would only make sense to be added as well.

Competitive game rounds

Quite far away from the game’s original vision, but possibly a fun variation to play on the side now and again: super sped-up game rounds lasting one or two days, with different goals to reach each time.


Bugs and Improvements
Suggestions and Ideas


Notes tile

A very often suggested feature is to have a notepad tile to be able to make quick notes about trades, planets etc.

Customizable sidebar

Besides the fixed elements in the the left (or right) sidebar there should be an area that is freely configurable. The left sidebar should take user defined commands and run them when clicked, while the right sidebar could have empty tiles that can be used as any other tile.


PSA: I will delete this thread in the near future! I’m the process of centralizing all the ideas and requests for changes and features, both by the community and the development team, into one internal list. It’s impractical to keep tabs on several of these lists, as would be putting all the entries into this thread. Please refer to the official (soon-to-be-updated) Roadmap in the future to get the broad strokes. If you make suggestions, we will double-check with our existing internal list and, if your idea isn’t on there yet (and we like it enough :stuck_out_tongue:), we’ll add it.