Faction Expansion Challenge - The Far Out Project (Development Log)

Our focus system is different from the Faction of the Outcast (FOO) therefore we are submitting our own application. We currently have 9 people on board with our plan, and welcome A1 in collaborating with the Galactic Trade Union to expand the region.

The Galactic Trade Union embarks on this project to extend the influence of humanity to the farthest reaches of our galaxy. Far from the stars where we were born, we intend to build a new light in the darkness of the void. With our own might and industry we will push back that darkness and create a place where all may seek their fortune and ambition free from the suffocating influence of existing corporations.

At Kinza, we will build a new Eden to rival that of the great agri-worlds Verdant and Promitor. Supporting that new green world, numerous other planets will be colonized and built up to produce the vast resources needed to support an ever growing population.

While we are prepared to embark, build and sustain this project entirely within our own corporation we invite members from other corporations as well as individuals to join our team and help forward this great endeavor on the furthest edge of the galaxy. Please reach out to Lokiorin (LASM), Azorth (AZC), or MadMonk21 (MFNC) for more information.


  • GTU Corporation Members
    • Including: Lokiorin, MadMonk, Azorth, Kerfy, McGangsta, GoalieHoff, EatTacos88, Raigir, Discern, Kiriaster, and potentially more!
  • Welcoming all other individuals or corporations to join!

Focus System: LG-418 (Dolzena)

Focus Planets:

  • Primary World:
    • LG-418b (Kinza) - H2O / O
  • Supporting Worlds
    • LG-418c - FEO / SIO
    • LG-913e - H / HE
  • Supporting Worlds Out of Official Range
    • XS-538c - LST / MCG
    • EZ-476b (Nova Unalaska) - Collaboration with IKO members.
  • WayStation
    • XD-354b - Our fueling port.

Faction: NEO Charter Exploration

Phase 1 - Beachhead

Immediately upon arrival of the untouched planet, the LM (Local Market) and WAR (Warehouse) will be built.

Currently, we have 6-8 planned bases that will combine to form a self-sustaining PIOs consumable infrastructure as well as additional bases planned to provide the needed hydrogen, BFABs and a waystation to facilitate the distant shipping.

Phase 2 - Expansion

Before the ending of the explorers’ grace, SST(Safety Station) and INF(Infirmary) will be added to encourage population growth.

Phase 3 - Stability

ADM - This will be needed to establish a stable government and maintain the planetary infrastructure effectively.

Phase 4 - Points!

COGC - For points, but also for the production benefits.

Other things that will help:

Settling bases on these planets, mainly Kinza will help with our score by adding population, and collaboratively working with IKO members working on Nova Unalaska for much needed bfabs.


sure man im with the pitch exept that i cant log into properous rn

Best of luck out there in the wild!


Supporting Worlds

LG-418c - FEO / SIO
LG-913c - H / HE

You mean LG-913e, right ?

yep you bet! small typo lol

Registration completed, now the Development Logs can begin:

Settled Our Waystation (XD-354b)
Waystation (XD-354b) - Warehouse: 100% Complete.

Waystation (XD-354b) - Local Market: 100% Complete.

Kerfy was the first to settle our primary world - Kinza (LG-418b)
GoalieHoff was the first to settle one of our supporting world that is out of the official range - Nova Unalaska (EZ-476b)

Kinza (LG-418b) - Local Market: 100% Complete.

Kinza (LG-418b) - Warehouse: 100% Complete.

Kerfy was the first to settle our supporting gas giant to collect hydrogen & helium (LG-913e)

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