Exchanging Resources within Corporations

From my understanding of the roadmap, intercorporate exchanges and private exchanges are still either in development or in planning. In the mean time, I and three of my friends are trying to figure out how to help eachother through the early game without violating the integrity of the game.

The biggest issue we have rn is specializing and supporting outside the three existing exchanges. We are all in the Katoa region and in an optimal world, one of us would make food/drinking water and offer it to the others at preferred rates in exchange for the refiner’s fuel and the constructors prefabs. I haven’t figured out how to do this without abusing local exchanges.

Is it considered bad juju to have two people meet up at a local market, offer a contract at ridiculous terms, (think like 400 H for 4000 cis), with a corporation member in the local market ready to accept the contract instantly? It feels slightly exploitative but I’m sure other corps do it. Is there a more efficient way to exchange resources outside the main exchanges at this point?

This will likely get solved before the final version of the game but without doing this, there’s absolutely no motivation to cooperate with friends to build something together until you each reach corporate headquarters levels of tech which from my projections looks to be months away.

No, that is okay. There are no limitations how you trade at a LM as long as it is between two human players.

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