ECD - A chance to experiment

Quick short suggestion one that I’ve made before briefly on various chats:

Add 1000 (amount adjustable) ECD to every account, and every new player account on start-up. Enable it to be used on LM and on the FX.
Simple. That is it.


Basically I think it would be interesting to see how this new currency behaves. It would very quickly behave different to other currencies with a different creation process, and no destruction. Its value would likely differ greatly and it could well bring more actual use to the FX.
How it behaves might well be interesting, I do think it would take on a value to players as some would certainly initially try to get it as a prestige currency, then it was have some kind of purpose which would enable it to have value enough to be a viable means of trade. But if it doesn’t, that would be interesting itself.

I’m also assuming it would be relatively simple to add to game, costing minimal dev time.

Just think it would be a neat low effort addition to the game.