Early Access Launch - First Thoughts!

What are your big first thoughts? I’ve had a few today…

  • Market speculation is real, lots of smart players setting up buy orders for limited resources like FF among many other things. The market is extraordinarily active on day 1!
  • The big targets for “selling directly to the MMs” were not as aggressively settled as anticipated.
  • Lots of people are buying Bfabs with their starting currency… The MM sell price is much lower than equilibrium. And on Montem it is actually economically more advantageous to buy DW from the MM than it is to make it yourself. :frowning:
  • No crazy moves so far in settling remote planets like Etherwind or other non-starter planets with a few jumps out of faction space. We’ll keep an eye on it for sure!
  • Montem and Promitor elections are underway, and it looks like some people may have been working on those votes before the reset!
  • At least 2 players starting off without a base! :thinking: how will they fare?!

As a trader, the opportunity cost of starting your first base is 100 MCG (3600 currency). Is getting access to talk to your main suppliers worth 3.6k?

Yes, most definitely-I was only able to survive by doing contacts.

-The lack of LM’s are really hurting new players-the very fresh ones.
-A common mistake is that player don’t know that they have to build two HB1’s

my first thesis: The economy will be more decentralised, old major hubs are nostalgic folklore…

im happy to see more backwater fertile planet. Will make living outside of the main hubs doable


Hi, I’ve been playing for a year or so and love the game. I think leaving the military aspect out of the game would be a huge mistake. The economies in my opinion would become stale over time. War would not be player driven but by the moderators. War is awful but from an economic point of view it’s very dynamic and fluid. Military demands of equipment, resources would really add another level to the game. Random war events.

I’d like to see the universe move toward more player driven events and less dev driven events. Corporations expending massive resources to exert influence over one planet or another does sound like a good idea though.

But where does the Money come from for those events?
Printing from MM?
I thought we want to remove MM (at least the buy MM)
Which means there needs to be a different way to make Money.

Martian Coin (AIC)
Sol (CIS)
Austral (ICA)
NCE Coupons (NCC)

Maybe add a resource and a “Mint” building that can only be build in faction space from late midgame materials. Corp project maybe? Then Corps can print money themselfs and organize these player events…

I’d be ok with the governments having some control over printing money. They could run the economy into the ground with inflation or deflation, but could strike a balance and help the economy when it was struggling. With no control over printing money, MMs are pretty much necessary to insert cash into the game. We’re going to see deflation this universe if people keep buying from the MMs and not selling to them.


What does MM stand for?

Market Maker, for instance the Benten Station CX has some infinite orders coming from a “Castillo-Ito Mercantile Market Maker.”

thank you for your reply