Early Access FAQ

Dear Licensees,

Prosperous Universe has been in development for 4 years, and while the support from the community with supporter packages has been highly appreciated and has helped us tremendously, it unfortunately is not a viable long-term sustainable model. The funding for the game runs out next year; hence, a switch to the previously announced monthly subscription model has become a necessity. Rest assured that PrUn will remain free-to-play, as promised, for anyone who does not want to upgrade to PRO! Since Ignition also marks the release of one of the most requested features to date in ship building, we felt that now would be as good a time as any to take the big step into Early Access. Thank you again for all of your support during the First Access phase!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When does Early Access start?

The switch to a subscription-based model will go into effect very soon. There has not been a concrete date set, but you can expect to see the change relatively soon after ‘Ignition’ launches.

2. How much will a subscription cost?

There will be several options for Early Access including a 1-month subscription, a 3-month subscription, a 6-month subscription, and a 12-month subscription. For example the 3-month subscription, which we think will be the most popular choice, will cost 21 EUR (7 EUR/month), and we feel this is a fair price for the type and quality of the current state of the game. You will also have the option of buying support tiers just like before in case you want to further support the game.

3. Will this be an actual subscription with recurring payments?

No, we will not charge you automatically. All packages will be prepaid.

4. Can I still play for free?

Yes, free-to-play is not going anywhere :slight_smile:

5. I bought a support tier. Will my post-First Access game time be transferred automatically?

Yes, if you purchased a support tier with post-First Access game time then it will automatically trigger once Early Access begins.
Due to popular demand we are looking into the option that the post-FA game time does not start immediately, but rather when the player wants or on the next game world reset.

6. Will the Early Access launch include a reset/restart with a fresh galaxy?

There are three things happening: we’ll release Ignition (aka shipbuilding) first, then we switch to subscriptions. Both will happen this year. Sometime 2021 there will be a reset, but we don’t have a date yet.

7. Will the subscription prices change in the future?

We have not defined any future subscription models but we feel that as the game grows and improves in quality (over multiple releases), the subscription model should also reflect that. That being said, we do not have any plans to reduce or increase the prices in the near future.

Will the Early Access launch include a reset/restart with a fresh galaxy?

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How would subscribing and not-subscribing then subscribing etc. work? (On and off subscribing)

There are three things happening: we’ll release Ignition (aka shipbuilding) first, then we switch to subscriptions. Both will happen this year. Sometime 2021 there will be a reset, but we don’t have a date yet.

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A subscription is basically a PRO licence for a certain amount of time. If it runs out the PRO licence expires and becomes a TRIAL licence again.

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How would going back and forth between PRO and TRIAL impact the inactivity deletions?

Inactivity policy detailed by molp in Discord

Would people stay in the paid and never deleted category forever once they have paid for at least one month?

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I’m also wondering how someone’s rating will be affected. Will it go back to ungraded? Will it reset previous rating?

(I can see a timeline in which I need to temporarily stop being PRO with the intention of resuming at some point)

Since TRIAL licencees do not receive a rating, the rating will drop to U once the PRO licence expires. Once a fresh PRO licence is available it really depends on the dataset the sub-score is based on.

Activity: If you kept playing the activity rating will be high.

Reliability: Since the reliability is based on the outcome of contracts within a certain time frame and you can’t accept contracts with a TRIAL licence it depends on how long you played with a TRIAL licence.

Stability: Stability is based on certain accounting parameters and since finance reports are generated every week, no matter the licence, a sub-score should be available almost immediately after acquiring a PRO licence again.

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This is not exactly specified yet. I am sure a company that had a PRO licence at one point will not get deleted as soon as a fresh company without one. But, regarding that the test now have a long duration and in the end there won’t be any restarts we have to delete companies at some point. What do you think would an appropriate time range?

Not sure I have a good answer to the question you asked, but I do have an added concern. Populous needs to be considered. Currently those bases keep a chunk of workforce tied up infinitely.

Is there a possibility of “archiving” a corporation at some point? Maybe at a month they disappear from the active server…but can reappear when/if the player logs in again for up to 90 days?

If the only option is full deletion…I think my first suggestion will be 60 days. I think you aren’t playing if you haven’t logged in within 2 months. But would love to hear what other people think.

The main problem at hand are the plots the bases occupy. We cannot remove them and add them again later, because that specific plot (or all of a planet) is not available anymore. There are many other things to consider as well: what about ComEx or FX orders, what about ads etc etc.


Whatever time you think is best! I just hope that the final policy will be put into the wiki or some other official docs somewhere for easy linking for people who ask.

If I was picking…I would say that anyone who has paid in the past should get a 60 day timer before inactivity deletion once they slip into non-subscriber status.

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If an enhanced COLIQ process that resolves LM contracts and other issues is ever added perhaps the inactivity deletion could use the same process. Maybe for inactivity the remaining funds from the settlement could be held and the company isn’t actually deleted to encourage people to return.

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Good points. You are correct that this would get messy through all those layers.

I think where I am struggling a bit, especially as a current governor, is that an idle base sitting there consuming workforce under Populous has a significant impact on the rest of the planet. This is unlike a lot of the other games I have played (or even this game pre Populous) where a base sitting idle for six months was just an entry in the database.

I can see where it is desirable for someone who takes 6 months off comes back and can resume close to where they left rather than being reset to day 1 again. But I struggle as to how that is fair to the rest of the community that had to support that base for those six months. Archive was the best idea I had to bridge that gap, but I think you are right that it would be ugly.

I’ll go back to my 60 day suggestion. Unless there is a change to Populous mechanics that bases don’t get workforce without at least some consumables, which would make longer viable.


How about selling all assets of he Company and providing it to the Copany Owner if and when he returns? Frees up baseplots, workforce but does not really set them back to day 1?
Like a New Game+ kind of.


I think a building demolition, then account deletion seems fair. ~60-90 days for all buildings to be demolished. I’m assuming an email notification encouraging players to come back before this goes out like in other games.
I’d also like to point out that it is perfectly possible to be inactive for 60+ days and still have all your production lines working away, so someone could easily play that way.

Then after another 60-90 days the account is permanently deleted with all CX orders and inventory being removed from the game. Presumably also emails at this stage, maybe one even suggests they could do a grand giveaway before coliq’ing themselves. (Ideally it’d be nice if anything listed on CX could automatically switch to be sold for highest bid :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Would it also be possible to implement a system whenever the production halts for a specified time the worker will “move out of the base”. Whenever the player gets back they just need to start production and maybe wait for the worker to get back into the base.

Hi, Thank you for your explanations. I now have a PRO license and am enjoying the game however for 7 a month i will not continue in a PRO license. I will continue in the free variant. I think the pricing is a bit steep seeing as this game is created for playing multiple months even years not just a short game. This would mean you pay at least 60+ dollar per year which is a solid triple a rated game.

Please do not see this as anything other then giving my feedback on your choices. I will always respect the outcomes and still play and participate. Just thought you should know that for some players the pricing is to steep

For all that will react to this. Yes i know it is a cup of coffee per month. I just don’t drink coffee. The price / content is just too steep for me.

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I must say that I agree with this. Currently the game isin’t really in a state that makes me want to pay a monthly sub. That is also the message I got from quite a few medium sized player. I am afraid this will mostly lead to not enough player using PRO features (LM mostly) which means less incentive to go PRO.

@molp would love to have your opinion on this. Do you feel like the game is developped enough to be worth monthly payment, especially when comparing it to other games with similar pricing scheme? Will Ignition make me change my mind or it will resemble Populous where it just makes a decent chunk of the player base want to quit or not be involved in the update what so ever?

EDIT: Another question. How do you feel about some of your big influence taking a break/quitting over the past few months? Are you expecting them to return with the next release, or the reset? (Thinking quickly about Saganaki, Rain, Esabab, probably a few others)