Does PU Need A Better Fuel Management System?

I always want my ships to land within a time window of my choosing, and the current system with the sliders isn’t sensitive enough. What I do instead is start with X amount of fuel in each tank, push the sliders up to max, then load or unload fuel units to or from the fuel tanks until the desired destination time is achieved.

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Maybe add the option to enter the desired fuel usage. Handy for frequent routes where the travel time is consistent and saves fiddling with the % slider to get a specific fuel usage from a part filled tank .


Being able to put in an exact number or nudge it up/down by 1 unit (and/or 1%) would make it a bit easier to optimise fuel usage


I’d really like to be able to edit the time or the fuel and the other field corrects automatically.

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This is the perfect solution. I could put in when I want my ship to arrive, say 23hrs 50mins, and a prompt tells me exactly how much fuel I’ll need.

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I think one of the problems with the current system is that it is such a weird curve (negative logarithmic?) if you show time vs. %fuel used. Going from 0% above minimum to 1% above minimum makes a huge difference, going from 20% to 30% much less so. There are probably some space physics simulation reasons behind that, but for gameplay a curve that is less sensitive at the start would probably be better.

The ship has to slow down as well, so there is a maximum speed it can achieve for the distance between start and finish. If you are flying from a central planet to an outer one then the higher % will have a bigger time saving.

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