Development Log Week 88 - A tale of indie health

Devlog #88 has just been released! Find it here: link

Enjoyed reading about your perspective on this! Self-care is extremely important. When I hear talks by indie people who tortured their bodies and minds to get a game shipped, I can’t help but shake my head. You can be determined and consistent without depriving yourself of sleep, proper food, and quality free time. Your project may take longer because you don’t work every waking hour, but you won’t come out of it a mess and even your game is likely to be better.

Sleep-deprivation in particular is damaging to your health and massively impacts your ability to do good work. Unlike most of those who work nine to five, people who are self-employed are in the privileged position to get enough sleep, and should really take the time to do that.

That said, it sounds like you’ve reached similar conclusions yourself. (: Just wanted to confirm that you’re not lazy if you’re taking care of yourself and that the quality of your project is likely to increase from it as well. Get well soon!

Absolutely. I generally force myself to not work more than 8 to 9 hours a day and I tend to avoid work on weekends except for “minor stuff” like writing devlogs or “funstuff” like trying out new tech. But that kind of leads into a dilemma…limiting your time budget to healthy amounts of hours obviously decreases your flexibility and an unexpected downtime like a week of recovering from a flu hurts even more. But I figure there’s no way around that. It’s just a delay everyone has to live with.

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