Development Log Week 101 - A new planet design

Reflecting on the outcome of the first alpha test we decided to squeeze in some changes in our (already pretty full) schedule before going on as planned. The changes mostly concern how fast and big bases can be built.

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link


Love reading anything about the way you handle planets. My own hobby project (as opposed to the actual released project where I am a volunteer developer) is also a spaced based sandbox game, though it’s focus is political/military in a setting that is heavily influenced by the Dune novels. Procedural generation and graphics however are not my thing, I am a process control engineer by trade so I have been knee deep in things like map projections and Voronoi cells for a long time trying to piece together my own system for generating a planet.

The stuff you guys are doing with planetary tilt and orbits are things l only dream about at the moment.

I’m very excited for the possibilities that the future of this game holds. The developers seem to be keeping up the pace on updates for sure!

@Masdus Your project sounds interesting! I read quite a lot of Dune novels when I was younger and liked them very much. Playing around with procedural generation can be quite satisfying. When I wrote the devlog yesterday I thought about explaining how we generate the voronoi plots but decided against it because the visuals of the planets are not quite done yet.

@Drinthap thanks :slight_smile:

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I love reading technical details. I find so often that information about procedural generation on the web is confined to peoples little experiments rather then discussion of techniques used in an actual project. And when I do find info related to a good project, the information is generally vague I guess because they are generally more marketing their features. I have been fiddling for the past few weeks with a simple generator that just generates a text description of a solar system, but the results tend to so far be a bit too random. Once I have that working the next task would be turning all that information like distance from the star, orbit etc into a planetary type and generate the land mass, so yeah I would love to be as far along as you guys are with the entire concept.

Mostly however I have been reading this blog

Here Dragons Abound

I love the style achieved with the generated maps there, and I have long been fixated with an art style for my project that combines that sort of old styling with a “sci-fi” digital interface.

I agree, mostly one finds only bits and pieces on procedural generation rather than explanations of full blown projects. I sometimes read the posts of the blog you mentioned, they’re quite insightful. Another source of inspiration is r/proceduralgeneration and the procedural generation wiki.

I have been looking a r/proceduralgeneration lately. I think what I need to do is stop worrying so much about the final look of the system, and just get it working with placeholder images.