Contract Details - Development Log #357

Michi digs in a little bit deeper on the topic of faction contracts and Nick is preparing for the new tutorial videos to be out soon!

You can find the full issue of the development log here: link

Some notes.

Contract location is a random location several jumps away. Suggest logic:

  1. If location is occupied, reduce overall payout, eliminate probability of bringing materials back and only provide currency. Why? Because non-zero chance location is a resource mine or other structure, and there will be 500\500 shipping contracts outbound from that planet. For PRO players, this would really suck to not be able to take this because of one BSE you have to also carry back.

  2. For un-occupied locations, perhaps a higher overall payout value but also allow the potentiality of also having resources involved as well since there is a near-zero probability of player-based shipping contracts conflicting.

Might also be a good idea to input some logic to the overall contract value that’s based on the current fuel price in that faction. If fuel randomly gets really expensive, the costs can easily double and make these contracts significantly less attractive or even un-profitable for new players to do.

If standard universe public shipping rates are roughly $2000\day profit after fuel costs, perhaps faction contracts can target a lower slot ($500-1000\day profit after fuel).

Thanks for the feedback!

This won’t be a problem, as the payment has to be picked up at the HQ location in that case.