Cant get past Company Creation Screen

Hi, go through the tabs of the creation page, click “Create” and nothing happens.

Getting tons of 404 errors in the Chrome console.

Couldnt post 2 images, but here is the screen with “Create” greyed out after I create

So I tried reloading, and it looks like the Company is actually being created, since it wont let me use same name again. Just stuck on this screen.

Are you still having this issue? I can login into your company without problems. If the problem persists, please try to use a private browsing tab?

Hi, I tried opening a Incognito browser and creating a company, and it started working. Since I ended up creating a number of corps, any way to go back to the first one I tried to create?

What was the code of the first company? It might have been already taken before you created the company.

CyC I think was the Symbol of the company

CYC was taken 21 hours ago. You can use the COLIQ command to liquidate your current company and start a new one.

Cool, it might not have been that. In anycase, when I run that COLIQ command, just stuck at the Red “Liquiidate” button. Getting these 404’s in console.

What is the browser of choice for the community? Using Google Chrome Win 10.