Building Construction Packaging

I would like to see a feature where rather than building a structure by hitting the “Build” button, instead, you hit the “Package” button and (provided you have all the materials of course) you have a building in a box. I often have to send the materials for several buildings that I plan to build, but I fail to make a note of what those structures were meant to be and build the wrong one (or two). This would kill two birds with one stone: it’d make it easier to keep track of what is to be built; and it makes it easier to ship all the materials (as a single unit).
I leave it up to you to decide whether (as a package) it weighs and/or takes up more space than all the materials themselves.


Question - once you construct a building; if you demolish it straight away, do you not get all the materials back? Or does the building deteriorate immediately?

If you get all the materials back, you could simply undo the building constructed by mistake.
If you don’t get them back, perhaps we could change it so that you have a grace period (say, 30 minutes) after you build something during which time you could get all the materials back.

Or alternatively - have the option to build multiple buildings at once - i.e. like a shopping cart - with just one click of a submit button to build all of them.

You can quickly demolish new buildings and get all the materials back. I think you have a couple hours.

Making a “BMP” item that’s that specific building as one item makes buildings less “fungible” since components (fabs) can’t be interchanged as easily once they’re converted into packages.

You have to organize and build\buy what you want at some point. These packages are just moving the work to another period in time. You still have to correctly build the right series of buildings. Use programs like Prunner, or even just take notes when you’re originally planning out your next moves.

A lot of players have requested the addition of a shipping container concept, usually in connection with LM contracts. But if containers were implemented, and were reasonably lightweight, and could be labelled with some player-generated text, then this would be another use case for them. You could bundle up sets of fabs for yourself and ship them in containers, one for each builiding. Or however you wanted to do it.

So I see this suggestion as a vote for containers in general, rather than specifically for something building related.


I love this compromise.