Bugs and Improvements

I have an idea for improvement / modification. Fuel consumption by ships should be fixed value (changed by ship mass, cargo, destination etc.), with a little flight modification like <economical, optimal, fast as possible>. One slider, second (FTL) is usless. When ship jump just uses FTL. Graph to visualize calculation should looks like tan(x) where y axis tells us about change fuel usage, x axis - how many time we save. This solution would be simpler than the current.

p.s. sorry for my english :wink:


When I develop software I need Coffee, Tea, and Snacks xD
and on some projects a replacement keyboard after the last one went flying out the window (metaphorically) — or is it

and that being said, this game needs TEA to offset the COF usage :stuck_out_tongue:


When posting on the local market, if I type “DW” into the Commodity field instead of “Drinking Water”, clicking the “Post” command will do nothing and provide no error message. Some sort of indication that I need to correct the commodity name would be helpful.

Also, when I type in the “OVE” commodity, I get the dropdown suggesting “Basic Overalls” - but when I press Enter, intending to accept the suggestion, it posts the ad!

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You are right, those are same usability issues we should fix sooner than later!


I have a bug on the FX. When I try to settle an order (for buying ICA with NCC) I get the message: “You have reached the maximum amount of unfilled order for this broker”. Anyhow I have no unfilled order placed (actually I have deleted one or two some days ago, maybe they are still counted). A work-around is possible by selling NCC for ICA but still I miss offers on the other broker.

Edit: Work-around is not possible anymore…

That bug is fixed, but not released yet. We will release it with the next maintenance patch.

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Hello Devs,

I encounter bug when I was trying to unload ship inventory to a planet.
Items in inventory can’t be dragged and inventory on planet show icons with amount to unload but screen just frizz and event are not triggered.

Tried with Firefox 69.0.1 (64-bit)

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TAI is heavy - almost 8 tons each - and if you process it on a AML it is 16,65t + plus 1 FE at 7t - so by magic 8 tons turns to almost 24 tons in 19 hours - is that a bug ?!

Not really a bug, just us not finishing that part of the material tree :slight_smile:

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Have you reloaded the page or tried another browser?

Actually only restarting my PC made this bug gone, or actually somebody in meantime do something on it before I restart my PC.

Just a question/perhaps an error in the Balance Statement:

Normally in a Balance Statement - Sum of Fixed, Current and Liquid should be equal Sum of Equity and Liabilities. In my case the active side is 8% higher than the passive side.

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Any order that I had queued or in progress before the patch refunds nothing at all if cancelled. This may be desired, but I thought I would report.


hi guys, i noticed today after the changes you made to fix the chrome issues that resizing buffers now no longer works in edge

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it also appears that the total flight time estimate might not be working properly, it doesn’t seem to include extra time/fuel incurred from mass

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Small bug that I’ve found, it might be intentional but I’m not sure. On production lines, you can scroll the production and queues independently of the facility headers, as such image

(I’m using opera by the way)

Hey, guys! Thanks a lot for the recent bug reports.

This is a new bug, but as far as we know, it only affects the display of the refunds. Materials will be refunded correctly even though they are not listed.

This is a new one, I think. @molp, could you check it out? If necessary, I’ll gladly test it live for you on my Windows PC. :slightly_smiling_face:

This was already the case before the update across most or all browsers, but it is not intended behavior. We’re still trying to figure out how to fix it. :grimacing:

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Yes, it is just a display issue and will be fixed with the next bugfix release.

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I have been playing for a month now and I really love this game. I do have concerns about how the economy is faring at this moment though. I think that one of the big problems is that there seems to be no impetus for anyone to advance to the higher tech levels, or at least, to share that tech. At this point I know that the more established players are making stuff with Scientists and Engineers, but yet you do not see any of those products on the market. For someone coming into the game more recently, it is rather disheartening. I have found ways to thrive in this situation, however it involves spamming large quantities of low level buildings until I fill my base completely, and trading/working for other players in order to make up the gap…not my ideal play style.

You have made a lot of really cool stuff, and no one can really use it! Since you plan to go the MMO route long term, it’s important that new and old players can coexist. This is just my two cents, but I’d also like to offer some suggestions.

Perhaps find a way to penalize the macro approach. You could penalize buildings of the same type on the same base. The way I envision it, it would be a small increase for the first 2 or 3 buildings of the same type, but then scale dramatically up with more copies. Don’t make it impossible, just make it not optimal.

Another idea is a bracketed tax system like you have in many real world governments. This would make it easy for the new company since they pay very little, and make it less possible for the well established players to completely roll over everyone.

Finally I would like to observe that the tariffs system that you already have on the roadmap would probably help the economic situation a lot, because the trading abuse that is occurring right now would be less lucrative.

Thanks for listening, hope you find this helpful.


Here is an idea-maybe the starting packages inflate over time to reflect the economy growing.