BUG - Problem with Fuel Calculation

Problem with Fuel Calculation

There seems to be some issue with fuel calculation

Fue l Time
61 STL 1d 9h
67 STL 12h 41m
73 STL 16h 16m

It happened with me more than once.

flying from Antares I - Phobos (ZV-307d) to Antares Station (Antares I)

User Sagar_Dawda
Company SagLabs
Company Code SLS
Registration 1F-86E-943

Please have a look at the images below for reference.

Image 2 - https://ibb.co/HnG7bD5

https: //ibb[DOT]co/jZg2gvr
https: //ibb[DOT]co/R0RHLgr

I’m not allowed to upload images directly, neither can i put multiple links, so please follow the above link for images.