Buffer Variables

I have saved a screen that has buffers with the CXOBs and CXPCs for the major CXs. I have copied the screen for several markets (RAT, DW, SF). It would be nice, however, if I didn’t have to copy it for every single commodity I want to look at. I suggest the addition of Buffer variables. These are special symbols that modify the behaviour of buffers, generally by adding a combo-box style control in the title bar.

For example, In a new buffer, I could type: CXOB $1.CI1 and somewhere in the buffer there would be a dropdown that lets me select ONLY commodity types. Since I want this single variable to control multiple buffers, this variable should be seen by all child buffers, or it should just be global.

This would also let me use one screen for all bases instead of one for each, assuming that everything related to a base (workforce, prod-queue, inventory, etc) could use a planet name as an argument in addition to a hexadecimal hash value.

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