Better Contract System

The existing contract system is extremely clunky.
Having to go through the conditions and parameters menu to make small changes feels pointless.
We have a save and discard button at the bottom of the contract to protect against mistakes already.
Ideally we’d be able to directly edit the values.
Imagine if you had to go through these extra steps when placing a buy or sell order on a the CX.
(where errors are more problematic since if you screw up your order it will be fulfilled with no way to revert, while with contracts you have termination requests or can send a followup contract)
Ideally these forms would have the option to set the price per unit instead of the total price, since that’s much easier and means adjusting a later version of the contract is faster since all you have to do is change quantity and only change price. if y’know… the price has actually changed.

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