Banking and Finance in relation to the Terms and Conditions

I got about 20% to building a banking system for the game before I thought of Liquidation and also the Terms and Conditions. I had a few questions that I will pose after a brief description of what I am doing.

I want to build a bank to handle some of the boring parts of lending people money like keeping up with the interest, due dates and other things. Before getting to loans I am implementing the simplest aspect of the bank which would be an account. People can deposit money with me and then withdraw it at a later time. Since no way exists to automate doing deposits and withdrawals those aspects of my system would be done manually of course with funds being passed to me via Local Market (LM) contracts. This sets up two questions:

  1. Does section 3.7 of the Terms and Conditions essentially ban any financial actions such as depositing, lending and options if any tools outside of the game are used? I don’t believe that Simulogics would care if I was doing loans and deposits using notepad or even a spreadsheet…but what if I am using a public and promoted website for this purpose?


If this scenario is on the edge of unacceptable would my PrUn bank providing a Terms and Conditions that essentially promised the game Terms and Conditions are followed be helpful? This would also be helpful to me because if people violate the PrUn Terms and Conditions my terms would dictate that I keep all their money.

  1. I don’t want to help people circumvent the rules either intentionally or inadvertently. For example, I don’t want someone to hand me their money, COLIQ and then withdraw the money back out. A similar situation might be someone who is leaving the game for an extended period but intending to come back. They might deposit their funds with me and unsubscribe and take a year off and let their company be wiped and then come back. If the Terms and Conditions don’t ban banking as a concept would it be possible to make COLIQ history visible in game? Also maybe a unique id on the CO window for companies and corporations so name spoofing and returning companies with the old name are not possible?

Sorry you haven’t heard from us, we are discussing the issue :slight_smile:

Couldn’t you check the company creation date to handle most COLIQ abuse cases?

I suppose there could be some edge cases such as someone creates, deposits with you, COLIQs within 2 weeks of creation, recreates with same name etc, and then waits a month to contact you. I suppose their company history would show “One month ago” in either case?

A banking system with accounts, loans etc. is currently not on our immediate road map. Eventually we want such features though. Right now we don’t have the capacity to implement it.

So here is a suggestion. We’ll let you continue with the project and see it as a kind of experiment where we collect data that might help us implement such a feature within the game later on. The condition is that you share your data with us and we accept the experiment as in accordance to the TOS.

Of course any form of cheating will be punished. I added a new registration field to the CO command that identifies a company. It will have a different value after a reset, even if the name and code of the company are reused.


A simple, efficient solution.

Sounds good. I will send a private message on Discord about the kind of data you want and format.