Arclight Frontier(Ementior) Development log(INF complete)

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Greetings from Ementior

Arclight Frontier is centred around Ementior(AM-783c)

Why Ementior?

The NEO faction is one of the most powerful factions in the game due to the rare combination of FEO and LST on Montem and the constructor option being one of the most powerful starts.

Like Montem, Ementior is the only tier one world to have ALO and LST on the same planet, which allows construction of tier one and two buildings, and also allows expansion to other worlds.

Ementior also has a nearby fertile world in HM-049b, two jumps away, which also possesses Silicon, needed to make glass.

Due to the new starter planets being farming/water planets, now more then ever a construction-based CX and starter planet is needed.

Participants: Currently, Frostwood, Haestrom
If you want to be listed please post below and I will add you.

Focus system:: AM-783

Focus Planets:

Tier: 1
Resources:  ALO, LST, MGS(trace), AMM(trace)
Current Pop: 7916 Pioneers, 1638 Settlers, 2 Technicians
Current Infrastructure:  SST, INF, Local Market.

HM-049b(3 jumps from Ementior)
Resources:  H2O, SIO, AMM, O, Fertile.
Current Pop: 986 Pioneers, 4 Settlers, 1 Technician
Current Infrastructure:  Local Market

Tier: 3(INS, HSE)
Resources: LI, HAL
Current Pop:???
Current Infrastructure: None

Faction Target: CIS/Castillo-Ito Mercantile


For the CX contest, Rather then 300 discords I’m going to work from the Ementior section of the UFO discord. Unified Faction Operations is the discord- type in !join Ementior in the access-request section of the discord, for those wanting to co-ordinate.

People have been asking how to help. I’ve separated the settlement plan into phases for HM-049b and Ementior.

Phase 1

SST(Safety Station) and INF(Infirmary)

As both Ementior and HM-049b have local markets, these initial buildings will allow the expansion needed to form fully functioning bases.

Phase 2

Warehouse- As brought up by Haestrom this will be need to co-ordinate Local Market orders without a CX and for HM-049b to sell it’s DW/RAT/SIO/GL/C.

Phase 3
ADM - This will be needed to establish a stable government and maintain the planetary infrastructure effectively.

Phase 4

COGC -mainly for points, but also for the production benefits.

Other things that will help:

Settling bases on these planets will help with our score with the added population, and allow better maintenance of the existing infrastructure. Occasional contributions to the planetary projects outlined above will also help.

Looking forward to seeing Ementior develop!

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Now that Registration is confirmed Development logs will begin:


Infirmary complete
Warehouse: 75% complete.


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