Advanced CX functionalities

Dear all,

I’d like to suggest some new features in regard of CX interface. I’m not suggesting any change in game mechanics, but just to add some functionalities that may be useful.

  • Highlight materials with active orders by player
    I was thinking something like a green background for buy order and a red background for sell orders, but a simpler, single color, mark would be good as well.
    An image to give an idea of what I mean:

  • Materials Watchlist
    It would be nice to have a watchlist where you can save frequently traded materials. A “pin/unpin” button could be added for each material. The player would then be able to select “Watchlist” from the existing drop down menu.

  • Filter By
    In this moment, it is only possible to filter materials by category. It would be nice to being able to filter materials based on various parameters. Most obvious parameter is name, but ticker and production building would also be useful. A textbox that allow the player to type is own filter would be a fine addition (working in a similar fashion as the textbox you can find opening a new buffer).

The last one is kinda a personal request… It’s not about a real improvement, but about something that bothers me A LOT :smiley:: can we please move Beryllium, Einsteinium, Tantalum, Technetium and Zirconium from “Elements” to “Metals”. They ARE metals. Or maybe drop the “Metals” category as they are all “Elements” as well. Please, stop this unfair discrimination :sob:

I just create a screen(s) dedicated to market orders as a “watch list”. Better customization and less clicking around that way anyway, compared to a theoretical drop down menu.

Other CX request I have:
I would like a button in the CX order creation to buy/sell the amount, regardless of what’s currently asked.
Maybe a button to do this for the full ship hold / warehouse (that might be a bit specific to my own lazyness) :man_shrugging:

Sorting the CXOS on materials.

Clicking on your own orders in the CXOB opens that order (to then cancel it)

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