2nd STL ship Auction on Deimos Antares region

Cooperation kapusta & yaro111 present:
2nd STL ship auction with glass-based STL Engine. Cargo bay 500m3/500t. Small STL fuel tank (1500) without Hull plate. You can buy cheap BHP or LHP on CX.
Perfect for any system, specially Antares I or II system.
Starting bid 400k
Auction end 11am (uk time/UTC/GMT 0) Sunday 20.02.2022
Material collection Deimos. We accept all currencies
Minimal bid will be 10k in any currency
Please put your bids in posts below.
Any question plesase pm me or kapusta on discord or prun

bid 400k aic 20-character-minimum-requirement-goes-here

bid 450k NCC 20-character-minimum-requirement-goes-here

bid 500k AIC minimum-character-limit-thing

bid 530k NCC 20-character-minimum-requirement-goes-here

congratulation. please contact me in game or discord