26th haiku contest

another contest will be about Umbra
3 best haikus will be rewarded with 200k, 150k and 100k AIC
will finish next Sunday

Base one nine seven
Gonna get my Umbra-on
Gotta catch 'em all!

Reckless chemistry
Practitioners exploding
Now plead clemency

Magnesium rock
Plus hydrogen atmosphere
Put that match away!

Go buy some Carbon
Extract MGS and H
Let’s make some plastic!

Third rock from the sun,
Meager resources to grab,
Yet Chemists abound

christmas at the door
come get 50% off
modern home decor

another contest is over

1st: TheOtherSeid
2nd: Ficks_Dinkum
3rd: iBowl125


Please contact me on Discord or in game