24th haiku contest

another contest will be about Security Drone Post
3 best haikus will be rewarded with 200k, 150k and 100k AIC
will finish next Sunday

Tough on crime they said;

Just a little scan they said;

Daily probing… ouch.

Oh, I’ve seen this one.
“20 seconds to comply”

Behind reinforced walls,
the Johnny Fives give high fives.
Another safe day.

Finally built one.
My Security Drone Post.
Yet I don’t feel safe.

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The war pig’s swirling
You can’t seem to get away
It’ll get wild, wild, wild

Security Drone
Watchful eyes in empty space
Making us feel safe

If my Haiku wins any of my winnings can be divided over the other 2 winners.

Neither rain, nor snow,
Nor fleet, nor email shall slow
The Drone Post men blow.

My toes bleeding red,
Eye in the sky they all fled
Cower, hide, and died.

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another contest is over

1st: Swatacular
2nd: Ogrebeef-Backkicker
3rd: sginga


Please contact me on Discord or in game