22nd haiku contest

another contest will be about JUI
3 best haikus will be rewarded with 200k, 150k and 100k AIC
will finish next Sunday

Heliotrope huff,
I was gonna write haiku,
But then I got high.

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Ship with chemicals.
Shipment seized by space police.
Demand low stars high.

He who controls JUI
Controls the PrUniverse.
The JUI must flow.

Products dull the sharpness of
My oratory.


Good news everyone!
It’s a suppository.
… directly infused…

Feeling drunk and high
That we shoot across the sky
Life is JUIcy drink

another contest is over

1st: BitSec
2nd: Afraib_Ollej
3rd: TheOtherSeid


Please contact me on Discord or in game