13th haiku contest

another contest will be about Agriculture
3 best haikus will be rewarded with 150k, 100k and 50k AIC
will finish next Sunday

Money does not grow,
…on trees, they say. But I know…
Some wealth grows in dirt.

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Breathe deep, grow my crops
Dirt under my fingernails
And back to basics

Space beans!
They’re the beans of the future!
Warning: Space farts.

Mesmerizing greens,
Blessed are these fields I call home,
Bountiful harvest.

Water, earth, and light
Sacred alchemy of life
Fuels the minds of all

Taker of base space,
Carbs or cotton, what to grow?
Humbling, profits slow

Pour the water in
the soil pot holds the promise
Watch it never boil

From the fields of Kent
To the farms of Promitor
My folk work the land

Nuts, Beans, Maize and Grain
Rotating my crops is pain
So I produce herbs

Beans, Nuts, And Grains Rise
The Fire In The Belly Of Man
Hunger Eternal

Start a nice, small farm
Nobody wants to buy beans
Incinerate all

another contest is over

1st: Sansemin
2nd: MetallicDragon
3rd: cubblakistan


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